Privacy Policy

 Last update on Jan 1/2018

Regarding’s website hosting services and domain name registration services through their domain registrar resellers, below are the terms that provides for their hosting and domain services, which include:

1) In Front Of The hosts websites on their own dedicated server, so a website hosting account can be cancelled and migrated to a competitor up to 24 hours before or after the account expires.

2) If you are planning on migrating your website to a competitor, it is the responsibility of the client to backup his/her own files before migrating.

3) The following content is not allowed to be hosted on the In Front Of The server(s), and if any of these website reside on the In Front Of The server(s), they will be immediately removed:

a. Pornography
b. Spyware/Malware websites
c. Hacking websites

Furthermore, if your website has been compromised in anyway, including being hacked itself, where your account is sending spam, spyware and/or malware, your website will be treated as a Spyware/Malware and/or Hacking website and the account will be suspended IMMEDIATELY. Reconsideration requests will need to be made in order for us to remove the suspension only after our server admins have verified the account is safe to do so. This process can take up to 7 business days.

4) If payment is not made immediately after the hosting and/or domain name renewal is due, your account will be suspended without any notice.

5) If payment is not made 30 days after the hosting and/or domain name renewal is due, your account will be terminated without any notice.

6) If migrating a domain name from In Front Of The, it is your responsibility to notify In Front Of The 30 days before the expiration date occurs. As In Front Of The uses multiple 3rd party domain name registrar resellers, there can be NO transfer of domains from In Front Of The to a competitor domain name registrar 30 days before the expiration date and 30 days after the expiration date. For example, if your domain expires on Jan 1st, the domain CANNOT be transferred from In Front Of The from the period of Dec 1st – Jan 31st. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE

7) If an account is suspended, a $25 re-activation fee will apply to any accounts that are re-activated, on top of the hosting and/or domain name renewal price.

8) In Front Of The offers 99.99% uptime, which means there will be approximately 5 hours of downtime within the calendar year.

9) If a website hosted by In Front Of The gets compromised in anyway, it is the responsibility of the owner/webmaster to eliminate any potential threats that the website may cause the server. Failing to do so, which may result in your website spamming in anyway, will result in immediate suspension with possible fines and penalties if the server (and/or mail server) are damaged, subsequently, resulting in your IP being blacklisted. All hosting IP addresses are monitored 24/7 through a third-party monitoring company. IP addresses are shared, meaning that if a website has been flagged to cause issues to other accounts, the owner/webmaster of the infected website will be punished severely.

10) Backups: We perform daily backups at 11:00pm EST and store the previous 7 daily backups on our server. If you need us to restore a backup of your account, feel free to contact us.

11) For all website design projects, once the client pays the deposit, they adhere to all contractual obligations involving them and In Front Of The whereas NO refunds will be issued for deposits. The deposit will be used to cover all administrative costs and any work completed to that point.

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Why Us?

When dealing with a full-service web design company, make sure they offer services to meet your needs. Not the other way around. In Front Of The Line understands this principle and applies it to each client it works with to help them acheive online success.