Balancing The Past - Present and Future

01 May 2022

Simply put, it is important to have a nice work-life balance, but that can be easier said than done. Here are some points to help you along:

1. Enjoy the present.
When you are young, it is natural to focus on the future, however, it is also easy to get caught looking ahead without enjoying the present. Right here, right now, is just as important to focus on so do not miss out on an incredible on today.

2By being healthy, it actually feels good.
When you are young, you may be able to do things that you cannot do when you are older, but before you know it, you will stop having choices between doing good and feeling good. These are two things that change as we age. So be ready for this by developing healthy habits early.

3. Learning can be more important than schooling.
Many believe that education is very important and while it is easy to be obsessed with getting perfect grades and to please your teacher, try to learn and develop skills and lifelong learning habits while being educated in school.

4. Face your fear.
Back when, a good idea was to run away from your fears, however today, that focus has changed. When something scares you, it may stretch your limits, which is a good thing. So go for it.

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