Consistency Is Everything

01 June 2023

Company culture is all about how consistent it is when it comes to create a successful one. When you conjure up images of company culture with an organization such as Google, for example, you assume that they treat their workers really well. Things like free snacks in the workplace, exotic furniture, ping pong tables and offensively casual dress codes define a culture in an organization like Google.

However, this is only one type of company culture, and although it works quite well, it may not work for your company. So by trying to improve your company culture the way Google has, by simply adopting a more relaxed environment and by introducing frivolous items into the workplace may or may not work.

That is due, in large part because a successful company culture is not about material strategies, it is about building a consistent company culture that can last. So the question then becomes, how do you build a consistent company culture? Well, here are some points:

1. Consistency is the main culture to follow and if that is relaxed setting in the office, keep that from day one through to eternity.
2. Have all the employee expectations set consistently in order for all to be motivated to achieve one goal for the organization.
3. Finding the right employees for your company is useful because they are the foundation, structure and front line representation of your organization and it begins and ends with them.

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