What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is referred to as a collection of websites that are publicly available, however, hide the IP addresses of a server it is hosted on. Therefore, they can be viewed by any web user, but is difficult to access the site, and find out who created the site. And Google is useless when searching sites on the Dark Web. Most sites on the Dark Web can hide their identity by using a "Tor" encryption tool. This tool is an end-user-hiding property tool. Tor can be used to hide your identity, along with spoofing your location. To be able to visit a site on the Dark Web using Tor encryption, you need to be using Tor. Not all the Dark Web sites use Tor. Some may use a similar service such as "I2P"

The difference between the Dark Web and Deep Web?

Although these 2 terms are used simutaneously, they do not refer to the same thing. The Deep Web refers to all the web pages that a search engine cannot find. Therefore the Deep Web does include the Dark Web, where the Dark Web does not follow this principle. Dark Web sites tend to go down from time to time, because to their nature. This post was merely a brief write-up of the Dark Web, nothing more!!

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