Crucial Steps That Marketers Can Take To Increase Their Digital Marketing Budget

01 Feb 2023

Do you feel that you fall into the category where you feel it is time to reassess your marketing budget strategy? Do you feel you that you are putting together something that will hit a homerun with management and the company’s bottom line? Well start by making sure that you have certain pieces in place when assessing your marketing strategy and budget, including: A Social Media presence, rich in such elements as Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Youtube Views (it this applies to you), Instagram Followers (again, if this applies to you…and it should) and Banner Ads.

Then all of a sudden, you hit a road block with management, where they ask the question “How is this going to make a difference?” As a digital marketer, it is your responsibility to show the value to an organization that when promoting and branding yourself digitally, key platforms such as Social Media has transcended traditional media, to the point of 10 to 1, with the fraction of the cost. Now, while print, TV and radio branding is important, without an online strategy to brand yourself, you are missing almost 90% of what you are trying to attract, remember that!

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