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Some Creative Email Marketing Campaigns That Translate to Action

Email can still be looked upon as a private interaction between 2 parties. And although that is true, there is a lot more than can still be done with emails. Now, a social media platform makes comments public, an email keeps messages private, on both a personal setting and business setting. So in the case of an email, you can receive an email and act accordingly.

However, if a business were to personalize an email, kept in a private setting, could make a big difference in determining who will make a purchase. It is presumed that between 6 to 7 in 10 people have made purchases influenced directly by email marketing, check that, personalized email marketing. Interestingly, it was also determined that these individuals that do purchase, are making purchasing both online and offline.

So while certain businesses do not provide off-site models, many still do. So, bottom lining this...a strategic personalized email campaign, although may be more costly and time-consuming can make all the difference between a sale and a simple inquiry. Try it to see.

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