Grow Your Business (During A Pandemic)

01 June 2020

The million dollar question for all small business owners during the Coronavirus, how do you keep a small business alive, and growing? For some answers, we suggest some best business practices below.

As a small business ourselves, what we learned to keep your own business growing, things that can be applied for months ahead:

Reposition Existing Products For These Times:
Try adapting your business and your existing products/services but adapt them to ways that can help during the pandemic like at-home experiences of delivery, online virtual services, bringing what you offer and sell to your customers. Another thing to keep in mind, even when this pandemic ends, this is the new mormal so no better time than now to apply these changes for the long haul.

Adapt to Your Customers Needs
Since your customers (mostly) are working from home and possibly spending more time on social platforms try engaging with them to find out what they really need right now. Then, in real-time, apply the valuable feedback and make it easier for them to get those products and services.

Give Back
Consider using your skills and give back to your community and other local businesses. On top of showing your customers that you care about the cause, you will expand your network, which will help to get you back up and running again at full capacity.

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