1 Sept 2018



1 Sept 2018 Blog - Become a Millionaire by 30? Here is how!

By In Front Of The Line

To achieve seven-figures by 30, here is some sound advice on how:

1. Focus on your earnings
You need to focus on trying to increase your income in planned increments then attempt to repeat it, month to month, year to year. By following your money it will make you control your revenue. Now this is easier said than done, but there are options, so go for it.

2. Try developing multiple streams of income
Try to create additional streams of income including a second business, residual businesses, real-estate income and stock market investments. In some cases, the key is 3 streams of income to achieve your goals.

3. Save for investing, not just savings
It is very important to save, and you have to plan for rainy days, however, save twice so one is for rainy days, and one is for investing. The investments you make can be used to create an additional stream of income.

4. Be smart with your money
Choose to drive your Toyota Camry until you become a millionaire. Then once you have achieved your goals, buy your dream car, dream home and the expensive jewellery that you always wanted. It is a decision you will be satisfied with down the road.

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