Creative Ways To Improve Your Childs’ Social Skills During The Lockdown

03 Aug 2020

Many schools are planning to open in September with the option of remote learning for parents that are concerned for their childs' well being. But kids still need social interaction when they’re stuck at home. With the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic still residing, the aim to stick with remote learning as an option as the school year gets underway.

Even though children and teens suffer from social skills and self-esteem when isolated at home staring at screens, there are some ways to lower those risks, including:

1) Practice paying attention to those that you are chatting with online:
An important social skill is paying attention to another person while interacting with them. This can work through any means such as face-to-face and through a virtual meeting.

2) Master the give-and-take of conversation:
Interactions in a face-to-face environment such as being at school can help children learn to be able to read facial expressions and body language. This is know as the "give-and-take of conversation". The same can be applied when working in a virtual environment. Have your kids observe and try to master the ability to read facial expressions.

3) Maintain friendships constantly:
Parents of kids stuck at home may need to get creative to keep those school friendships intact. Try to connect with others outdoors as much as you can, which can be safer than being together indoors. Outdoor visits should keep children and teens with their friends six feet apart from each other at all times to keep things as safe as possible.

Do not make a mistake, we are not advocating for continuing to stay at home and isolating from those in your life, but during these unprecedent times, we all need to get creative to make this work and leave a lasting impression on us all.

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